Why Bats?

In the long history of baseball, giant bats have symbolized the firm resolve of players and teams to extend beyond the lengths to which others will go.

The first openly giant bat we have discovered was presented to the first openly professional team, the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings by a group of fans. Many bats followed in this fine tradition. New bats are surely being fabricated right now!

This site is a totem to these spires, wind vanes, statues, and trophys. We strive to document these bats; nothing lasts forever.

Who's bat is the biggest?

Many have claimed that their giant bat is the giantest. While this would surely be a title worth having, this claim can always be proven a phallicy. How can one bat claim the title when there are many, many ways of measuring: height, weight, length, and girth. Should there be a seperate mark for wooden bats versus those of other materials? Who cares? It's a giant bat, but you'll have to get over it.