Active sites are linked. I've taken off broken links to sites that are no longer active and linked to archived sites where they exist. These thumbnails are all that's left of some sites. For the remaining work, there's only the list below.

* Thor Steingraber webfolio-thor (director)

* Chevys Mexican Restaurants (restaurant chain)

* Slave of Hollywood (movie) archive

* Independent Press Association (magazine) archive

* Care Guide (health site) archive

* Mary Jane (movie)

* The Hot Corner (magazine)

* visa at
* at
* (Be In) at
* at
* for - JW Thompson
* (Standard & Poor) for
* Rouge Records Audio and Video
* Go Van Gogh
* Amy Rathbone
* Virginia Dare (with audio)
*, San Francisco Center For the Book (Filemaker DataBase)
* Fijirent
* Go Van Gogh (with audio)
* Longhair Activities


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